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Ganesh Chaturthi (19-09-2012)

G1Birthday of Lord Ganesha is celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayak Chaturthi. The festival falls in the Hindu month of Bhaadrapada, starting on the shukla chaturthi (fourth day of the waxing moon period). This corresponds to the month of August – September.

It is believed Lord Ganesha, the Hindu elephant-deity, should be worshipped first. By doing so, all the obstacles are banished, whenever one commences something fresh and new. Therefore, people head towards Lord Ganesha temple to worship the deity, whenever they are about to undertake any new thing, say a project, business, marriage, inaugration or education. 

In Rajasthan people also celebrate this day as Men's Sinjara. Man who is engaged gets much importance on this day by his In - Laws. They send him Clothes, Sweets and many more Gifts.

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