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Hariyali Teej (02-08-2011)


Hariyali Teej : Hariyali Teej is also known as "Chooti Teej","Sinjara Teej" and "Shravani Teej" too. According to Hindu Calendar, the bright half (Shukla paksha) of Shravan month is known as Shravani Maas. The third day of Shravani Mass is also known as Haryali Teej. The festival is dedicated for women. As the name says, Hariyali Teej relates to greenery. On this day, many women clad themselves in green colored clothes and wear green bangles. A special puja is performed to worship moon.



Traditional singing of songs and dance escalates the verve of Haryali Teej celebrations. Hariyali Teej is one of the most important three Teej festivals. On this occasion girls visited their mother’s house. After marriage on the first sawan girls should not stay at in-laws-house. A day before Hariyali Teej, women celebrate 'Sinjara'. It is a significant day for newly wed brides. On her first ‘Sinjara’ after marriage, it is customary to receive clothes and ornaments from her Mother-in-law. On Hariyali Teej, women gather to worship moon. The puja performed on this occasion is done with milk, curd and flowers.

Women adorn their hands with beautiful ‘Mehandi’ patterns. All women who has husband offer ‘Suhagi’ after touching feet of mother-in-law. If this is not possible it could be performed with any elder (sister-in-law) in family. Women also apply ‘Aalta’ which represent that they have a ‘Suhagin’

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