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06 Saturday Mohini Ekadashi
21 Sunday Apara Ekadashi
25 Thursday Shani Jayanti & Vat Savitri Vrat


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Early Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer


Karaagre vasate  Lakshmi Karamoole  Saraswati
Karmadhye tu Govinda Prabhate kar-darshanam



On the tips of the fingers resides Godess Lakshmi-Goddess of Wealth, On the wrist resides Godess Saraswati-Goddess of Knowledge or learning, In the centre of the palm resides lord Govinda Himself.

Every morning one should first look at the palm reciting this prayer with reverence and then rub your hands and touch your face..


Bhumi (Mother Earth)


Samudra mekhale devi

Parvata stana mandale

Visnu patni namas tubhyam

Pada sparsam ksamasva me


Bhumi! You are girdled by the oceans and the mountains are your breasts.

O wife of Vishnu, I offer you my salutations.

Forgive me for treading on you.

Every morning one should recite this prayer before keeping ones feet on it. Touch Bhumi (Mother Earth) with hands and then keep your feet on it.

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