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Guru Purnima



Guru Purnima


July 2014


Guru Purnima
Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima Timing

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Note - 24-hour clock in IST
Guru Purnima, also known as Ved Vyas Purnima or Vyasa Poornima, is an auspicious day in Ashad month. Guru Purnima falls on Ashad Purnima, Full Moon in Ashad month (June – July). This is also popular as Maha Ashadi.

    It is believed that on Ashad Purnima day, Sage Veda Vyasa completed writing, editing, and compiling the Chaturvedas (He divided the Veda into Four namely Rig, Sama, Yajur , Atharva) . Veda Vyasa Maharshi is known as the author of four Vedas, Astadasha Puranas (18 Puranas) and the Mahabharat ithihaas. Veda Vyasa is known as the first Guru in Hinduism, since Ashad Purnima is referred to as Guru Purnima. Sage Veda Vyasa along with Guru Parampara, and Lord Sri Krishna are offered special pujas on this Full Moon.

Significance of Guru Purnima

On this day, every spiritual aspirant and devotee worship Vyasa in honor of his divine personage and every disciple performs a Puja to his respective spiritual preceptor, or Gurudeva, with sacred songs, hymns, meditation and joyful events.

Every spiritual seeker and devotee worship his Gurudeva and, praying to him as God's direct representative on earth, soulfully offers him his devotion in the form of flowers, fruits, and other offerings. Performing this puja in the evening is considered more appropriate. However one can do it in the morning as well. On the day of the puja, the devotee is supposed to fast. After bathing the person can begin the puja. This day is also of deep significance to the farmers, for it heralds the setting in of the rains.

Traditionally it is said to be a good time to begin your spiritual lessons, and spiritual seekers commence to intensify their spiritual sadhana from this day. The period Chaturmas ("four months") begins from this day. In the past, wandering spiritual masters and their disciples used to settle down at a place to study and discourse on the Brahma Sutras composed by Vyasa, and engage themselves in Vedantic discussions. The spiritual Gurus are revered on this day by remembering their life and teachings.



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