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Ub Chhat Puja Samagri And Vidhi

Puja Samgri

Kumkum (Vermicilli), Rice, Sandal (Chandan), Khajur (Date), Supari (Betel Nut), Paan, Fruits, Coins, White Flowers, Red Sandal, A Pot full of Water, Gur , Wheat, Incense Sticks, Deepak  and Vrat Katha Book.


 Puja Vidhi

On this day women observe fast whole day.They take Bath again  in evening and then wear new clothes.
Now they do Ganeshji Laxmiji's  puja.  Put Kumkum and Rice on their forehead and then offer them fruits, coins and flowers. Then lit the Deepak and Incense sticks.

Then they read the Ub Chatt vrat katha accompanied with a Ganeshji’s Kahani.

Then take little Sandal in mouth and then they don’t even drink water till the moon rise.

After taking Sandal one can either sit or remain stand till the moon rise.

Then they go mandir also.

When the moon rises they do the moon puja in the same manner n then they offer water to moon.

Now they can eat food and drink water also.


The food which is made for the fasting person can be with or without salt. And the food is made from the water which is kept while performing Ganeshji’s puja.

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