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Janmashtami Pooja Vidhi And Samagri

Pooja Samagri

The festival of janmashtami is observed with lot of joy and happiness all over India. Special poojas are performed both in homes as well as temples. The entire day is devoted to remembering and singing the praise of Lord Krishna. Devotees welcome and celebrate the birth of their favourite god with lot of fervor.

There are certain special items required for Krishnashtami pooja. Important pooja items are listed below:


  • Lord Krishna's idol with cradle and conch
  • New clothes, flute and ornaments for Lord Krishna
  • Pooja thali containing a bell, diya, rice, elaichi(cardamom), supari, paan leaves, roli, small container filled with water, sindoor, incense sticks, flowers and ghee.
  • For Panchamrit -milk, curd, gangajal, honey and ghee.
  • For Bhog or Prasad – Makhan & mishri, Panjiri and Sweet Ajwain
  • A book containing shri Krishna's arti.
  • A Copper plate and a Roller


  • Pooja Vidhi

    The festival of Janmashtami is considered a very pious day by Hindus. Lot of bhajan singing, hymn chanting and poojas are performed this day. Devotees queue all the major Krishna temples to seek his blessings. People perform elaborate poojas during the festival. They keep day long fast. Functions and prayer meetings are organised to share the glory of their favourite God.

    At sharp 12am, that means at the time of Krishna's birth its a ritual among Rajasthan people to hold the Copper Plate with one hand and the Roller with the other and then they start continously ringing the Plate with the Roller to every corner of their house . It is beleived that the Lord Krishna has taken birth to overcome all problems and bring lots of happiness to their house and then they begin their puja. The general pooja process begins early in the morning with devotees giving a bath or abhishek to Bal Gopal's idol with gangajal, ghee, Krishna4water, honey and curd. The idol is then adorned with new clothes (preferably in yellow colour), stone or other precious jewellery.

    Next, the idol of lord is offered bhog, the contents of bhog may vary. Fruits, kheer, pedha, milk, and milk products are made. Makhan and Mishri are one of the most favourites Sweet dish of Bal Gopal There are devotees who offer chappan bhog(56 dishes) to Bal Gopal. 

    Thereafter, special Krishna pooja is performed. The cradle containing the divine infant's idol is rocked, conch is blown. Devotees sing Krishna arti, some people read out 108 names of lord. They get totally immersed in the name and praise of Gopal. 

    After the entire pooja is over, devotees break their fast by having panchamrit. The time of breaking the fast may vary, this is so, because the time of performing pooja also differs from place to place. While some devotees choose to perform pooja at midnight and break fast, others perform pooja in the evening and have food.


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