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21 Sunday Apara Ekadashi
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Ganesha Chaturthi Puja Samagri And Vidhi

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Paan (Bettle Leave), Supari (Bettle Nut), Kumkum (Vermillion), Chaval (Rice), Moli (Red n Yellow Thread), Gur, Agarbatti (Incence Stick), Nariyal (Coconut), Flowers, Dhruv leave, Dipak, Ghee, Bhog k liye preferably Laddo and Modak and Panchamrit (milk,curd,honey,ghee,rose water). 

Puja Vidhi

First keep Ganeshji's Murti at a higher platform.
Then give bath to it with the Panchamrit.
Now put Kumkum and Rice on His forehead.
Then offer Moli, Flowers, Dhruv Grass, Gur, Nariyal, Paan and Supari.
Now lit Diya and Agarbatti.
Do Aarti, Mantras and Bhajan.
Then offer Prasad to Ganesha.
Now bow to Lord Ganesh and Pray Him to keep you and your family always Happy and Healthy.
Now this Panchamrit and Prasad is distributed  all the members of the family. 


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