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Krishna Janmashtami (10-Aug-2012)


Janmashtami also known as Gokulashtami marks the celebration of the birth of Lord Sri Krishna.  This festival is also known as Sri Krishna Jayanti and Krishnashtmi. Lord Krishna was born to King Vasudeva and Devaki Devi on the Astami thithi (eighth day) in Krishna paksha during the month of Shravan (August – September). Lord Krishnas Nakshatra or the birth star is Rohini. The main objective or the aim of Krishnas birth was to demolish the demon Kansa and his evil acts. Kansa is Krishna's maternal uncle.


Lord Krishna temples situated at Vrindhavan, Mathura, Dwaraka are the most popular for the celebrations of Janmashtami, as it is believed that Lord Krishna lived there. In some part of the North India, Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated for three days. The first two days are celebrated in a colorful manner. Dance drama, known as Raslila, is performed. Incidents from Sri Krishna's life, especially his childhood, krishna3are depicted in the drama. On the second day of the festival, a popular ceremony known as 'Dahi Handi' takes place wherein the pot containing curd or butter or milk is broken by the youth.

The ritual of Dahi Handi is carried out with religious observance, in the northern parts of India. Maharashtra is especially popular for the ritual, wherein human pyramid tries to break the Handi (earthen pot filled with buttermilk) that is suspended from top, with the help of a rope. Onlookers throw water on the pyramid of boys in order to stop them from reaching the earthen pot. The process involves a lot of excitement. During Janmashtami, every other street of Mumbai organizes the Dahi Handi, as a part of the celebrations of the festival.

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